Expertly Manage Drinks Menus

Project Description: Online Recipe App & Menu Maker

So you have all these great drink recipes made by your bar staff in different locations around the city, state or country.  They make it onto a menu for one season in one location – and then you need another menu for next season and so on. Or, you want to pull a drink special list with drinks for Valentine’s day and just your luck, you can’t find last year’s list.

The solution is an affordable database application that let’s you create, store, share and place those recipes into saved menus.  That way, any location can go in and quickly pull recipes tagged for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween – all with just a few key strokes.

Imagine the time saving.  Imagine the asset you would be creating over time.  Imagine the happy customers who crave variety and will reorder more.

Like to see more or understand the workings of this type of customized system in more detail?  Simply contact us for more information.